The Institute of Foreign Studies Held an Entrepreneur Lecture and Doctoral Forum on Research on Industry-University-Research of Foreign Language Majors

Views:13Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2019-04-24Set Up

On the afternoon of April 22, the event of Business-University-Research for foreign language majors, co-sponsored by the Institute of Foreign Studies and the Department of Science and Technology, was held in the conference room on the 8th floor of the complex building of Yingtian Campus. The event was conducted by  Dr. Yan Bing, Deputy Director of the Pukou Science City Construction Management Office of Pukou government and Dr. Liu Thuning, Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Jinnong Co., Ltd. Vice President Zhang Xiao attended the event and spoke. Also attending the event were Jiang Chunyan, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs, Han Qingnian, Deputy Director of Science and Technology, and Tang Rong, Deputy Director of Discipline Construction. Sun Yanbing, assistant to the dean of the Foreign Studies Institute hosted the event.

Over the communication, Yan Bing and Liu Dengning, based on their own work reality, respectively discussed the cultivation of applied talents and the needs of enterprises for English talents and English ability under the background of Nanjing innovative famous city construction. Therefore, they put forward a unique opinion on the industry-university-research of foreign language majors, which has both theoretical value and practical guiding significance, expanding the horizon of college teachers to carry out teaching and scientific research. In the session of exchange and discussion, Vice President Zhang Xiao affirmed the necessity of holding this event and the significance of the speeches made by the two speakers, and put forward requirements and hopes for the discipline construction and professional development of foreign language majors. Subsequently, all the participants conducted in-depth discussions with the two PhD. lecturers, and made suggestions on the development of the institute.

Based on the doctorate forum activities, this event is also one of the important part of “professional construction in the industry chain”. It has very important guiding significance to improving the teachers’ academic level and the quality of talent training, which benefited college teachers a lot. It is believed that the holding of this forum was a very important step in the industry-university-research work of the Institute of Foreign Studies and laid a necessary foundation for future scientific research and discipline construction.