JSCVC Students with Future-mindedness Actively Participate in the Evaluation of the Planning & Design Scheme of the New Campus

Views:13Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2019-05-15Set Up

With the development of the construction of Qiaoling new campus in Pukou, the planning and design of the new campus, as an important basis for the future development of the university, is concerned by teachers and students as well. Recently, more than 120 student representatives have visited and commented on the optimal planning and design of the new campus, the activity was led by University Office, the Student Work Office and the teachers of various colleges.

On arriving at the lobby hall of Dinghuaimen campus, the students visited the sand table, effect chart and video of the three preferred schemes. Teacher Gong Jian of the University Office enthusiastically introduced the design orientation, functional zoning and architectural characteristics of each scheme. The grand planning blueprint and unique building style of the new campus, the wide campus area, the good infrastructure conditions and the hierarchical greening system have amazed the students. During the visit, the excellent students majoring in architecture and gardening put forward their own views on the planning and design of the new campus from professional point of view, and filled in the suggestion bar. Some students regretted that they are facing graduation and will miss the construction process of the new campus. Gong comforted them: the construction of the new campus adheres to our concept of being open, applied, socialized, the university belongs to everyone, students are welcome to return to their alma mater after graduation to relive the university time. In the future, you can proudly say that the choice of the new campus plan of your alma mater has your own participation!  This time, the students were very excited to evaluate the optimal scheme of the new campus, deeply aware of the spirit of ownership, and cast their sacred vote in the Evaluation form of the Planning and Design Scheme of the New Campus of Jiangsu Open University.

It is reported that the location of the new campus in Pukou Qiaolin Vocational Education Park is an important measure for JSCVC to take the initiative to connect with the new round of scientific and technological innovation system in our country. The goal of the new campus is to realize two national demonstrations: first, National Open University Demonstrative Campus, focusing on the creation of platforms, gathering resources to serve the local;  second is the National Demonstration Area of Deep Integration of Industry and Education, with emphasis on the integration of industry and education, collaborative innovation and common development.